Coming soon - Pure Castile Soap

The Luisas’ is a luxurious soap named after my grandma and great grandma, Olivia’s great grandma and her great-great grandma. The grandmothers, who I only recently discovered had Spanish names, made lives of luxury for others, while roughing it out oft times, themselves.
SRB Botanica’s The Luisas’ Castile Soap is a beautiful warm beige color, like sun-kissed skin. It takes its color from skin softening calendula flowers, nutrient-dense goat’s milk and the yellow of beeswax. This predominantly olive oil square bar, when treated well, will last a good long while.
The scent is of a flower in the woods. Ylang/Ylang, Pine, Somalian Myrrh, and a proprietary blend of essential oils comes together to provide an unforgettable aromatic experience the Luisas’ would have loved. Try it and enjoy a bit of our ancestor’s allure.

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