Da Balm Thanksgiving Rite

Every Thanksgiving I reflect on what I am thankful for. I also like to involve whatever I am doing in my life into my Thanksgiving rites and rituals. I developed this rite with gratitude for so many things in mind, including love, family, the ancestors, friendship and dear Mother Earth. So, before the holiday is here, I
wanted to share this daily rite, useful for Thanksgiving, and all year long. 

Da Balm Rite
1. Put a tbsp or so of Da Balm, in the center of your palm. 
2. Relax, breathe in and out slowly into your cupped hands three times. 
3. You are breathing in strength, sensuality and balance. 
4. Slowly rub your palms together to gently melt Da Balm. 
5. Finish in namaste  (prayer position) and say three things you're grateful for. 
6. Mindfully apply Da Balm to your body.
7. Ashe!

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