Holiday Products Dropping on the New Moon

The first stage of the moon, also referred to as New Moon, is a great time for new beginnings. You may also use this special time to set intentions for future endeavors.

Seven is a significant number that we happen to like. Here at SRB Botanica, we plan to bring around seven new products to our shop under an auspicious sky. We imagine under New Moon you’ll enjoy experiencing our new additions and adding them to your personal care regimens and rituals.

The new botanicals include a luscious variety of cold-processed handmade soaps and haircare products. The products, featuring renown tress-nourishing Argan oil from Morocco, in two hot oil kits. The main contents of the kits, include Argan-rich shampoo, and an Argan organic and healthful conditioner. There is also hot oil of the highest quality, which contains Jojoba, Sunflower Oil, EVOO, Vitamin E, Hempseed Oil and Argan Oil. Each item is also sold separately. We are also delighted to share our unique herbal hair Pomade for natural hair (types 3a to 4c) called Palm-made, which is an organic pomade and superb herbal growth aid.

New Moon this December comes the 14th day of the month. We hope you’ll continue to look skyward in anticipation of New Moon and after gazing at the moon and the stars, you’ll stop into our shop December 14th, to check out our new variety of herbals for bath, body and hair care.

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