Ritual, Sensuality and Eroticism in Personal Care

Ritual, Sensuality and Eroticism in Personal Care 

Ritual, sensuality and eroticism have had a lengthy relationship to personal care. Adding each of these enriching elements to your morning can hold a special place in your body and soul regimen.

When you use two of our most popular products, the SRB Botanica, Da Balm and our new, Magick Body Elixir, as maker, we encourage you to not just slap these products on your body’s largest organ, your skin, instead apply them mindfully.

Da Balm Warming Ritual

I have shared a gratitude ritual that employs Da Balm through previous blogging. Now that Thanksgiving is over, you can still utilize this healing balm in your daily affirmations and gratitude rituals. Da Balm, though whipped and fluffy most of the time, will stiffen during colder months. This lends the perfect opportunity to engage your breathing and the warmth of your body, in its daily use.

1. I suggest scooping out of your tin a quarter-sized portion and placing it into the center of your palm.
2. Breathe in its aroma, which is a complex, clean and fresh blend of essential oils and breathe back out, into your palms to warm the oils.
3. Next, mindfully press your hands together into namaste (prayer posture), as you breathe slowly and rhythmically.
4. Begin applying the melted balm to your toes.
5. Work your way up your body, with reverence for all that you are.
6. Apply more Da Balm to your palm and repeat the deep breathing, with the namaste exercise.
7. Apply more, until you’ve thoughtfully and sensually, applied the healing balm to your entire body.
8. Of course, you will stop to caress your erogenous zones. You can repeat this process with your partner. This works magickally to increase interest, energy and passion.

Sensual & Erotic Magick Body Elixir Massage

1. After bathing or showering, with a highly-scented aromatic soap, like SRB Botanica’s Loco for Coco, pat yourself (and your partner if working this ritual with one) dry with a soft towel, lightly.
2. Warm up some of our Magick Body Elixir in your hands, by rubbing them together. Take time to bring the elixir’s intoxicating aroma into your nostrils and titillate your mind with sensual and erotic thoughts.
3. Have your partner begin massaging you, either from a standing position or lying down, from head to two, slowly and thoughtfully.
4. Reciprocate the sensual massage. Take it from there.

SRB Botanica’s Morning Ritual

SRB Botanica’s Morning Ritual oatmeal soap readily lends itself to daily ritual.

1. As you clean your body with this natural, unscented handmade soap, let its exfoliating abilities help stimulate and awaken your body, through touch and massage, to produce the soap’s cleansing lather.
2. Allow your thoughts to gravitate towards the fecundity of Gaia (Mother Earth) from the earthy tones of the oats.
3. Imagine yourself, sky-clad, cleansing your being, while nourishing your body. Return to your body fully and step out of the tub or shower.

SRB Botanica’s Magick Facial Elixir

1. Before stepping into your day, pat your face and body dry with a soft towel. Add a dime-size drop of SRB Botanica’s Magick Facial Elixir to the palm of your hands.
2. Warm it with your breath, cupping your hands and inhaling the elixirs’ unique floral and woodsy aroma.
3. Let the aroma take you on an aromatic journey before very lightly patting your face with your palms, releasing the oils into your face.
4. With your thumbs rub your temples to relax your mind. Gently tap your third eye (the space between your eyes) for full awakening.

These are a few ways you can mindfully and sensually utilize our herbals. Let your every day experience begin on a sensual note. Ashé!

(Photo Credit: Hisu Lee/Unsplash)

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