Our Mission

SRB Botanica is a black and biracial, woman-led company that champions strength in unity
and the power of love, family, friendship and culture.

At SRB Botanica we believe in and cater to your health and spirit. Started during the Blue
Moon of November 2020, our products have a simple yet powerful purpose. They are
designed to pamper, protect, heal and cleanse the body, mind and spirit using the gifts of
Mother Nature. 

We use both newly discovered and age-old herbal and aromatherapy remedies as the
foundation of our herbal products. The SRB Botanica is deliberately minimalist to ensure
that our personal attention and spiritual energy is packed into every item.

Ashe, a Yoruba word, is chanted and expressed in song and through ritual. It is the power
of the universe. Ashe is power in purpose and it is potential. Ashe and Ase are important
spiritual words and concepts at SRB Botanica, they permeate and imbue our botanical
products with spirit, meaning and power.